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Ching Ju Tsao

  • 1408 Mission Ave, San Rafael, CA 94901 USA

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Artist Statement

I started learning oil painting and photography with professional artists years ago, practicing painting still life with flowers and fruits. At that time, I was already fascinated by their vibrant colors and organic shapes. During my study period in the United States, Sonoma County, where I’ve lived for a few years, has abundant flowers and crops in all seasons. Almost every home has a variety of flowers in their gardens, such as roses, sunflowers, cherry blossoms, magnolias…and more. There are also many apple orchards, vineyards, pumpkin fields. It’s exciting and inspiring every time I think of so many local sources of inspiration. Thus, I decided to combine my photography expertise, took countless photos, collected various angles, light and shadow effects, which became my composition references.

In Northern California I had to marvel at how nature harmoniously presents the rich color changes of the four seasons through flowers and crops. Their brief but gorgeous life also seems to remind us to live in the present. They are definitely a feast for the eyes and mind, and sometimes even a projection of culture and memory. For example, the lotus flower reminds me of the enlightenment of meditation on peace and love. Cherry blossoms always bring back precious memories of the last trip abroad with my father. California Poppies are definitely the best dancers under California’s warm sunshine. The pumpkin field reminds us of Thanksgiving, the warm harvest scene.

I aim to use my enthusiasm and professionalism to transform the unique aesthetics and meaning of flowers, fruits and vegetables into artistic creation of oil paintings. They are the classic timeless subject matter, the most beautiful and nourishing incarnation in people’s daily life. I sincerely wish my paintings can arouse people’s feelings of joy and appreciation. Giving my love back to mother nature, she is the most inspiring gift to mankind.


Artist Biography Ching Ju Tsao has a BA in Interior Design from Oklahoma State University and an MFA from the Academy of Art University. She successively engaged in creative and challenging work related to interior design, exhibition design, graphic design and photography. She also started to study meditation, participating in volunteer service in rural areas of Thailand. She believes that understanding and continuous learning of various life and cultures, can nourish the depth of artistic creation, and add tranquility and humanistic care to the presentation of art works. In recent years, she has been inspired and nurtured by the scenes of Sonoma County. She aims to use her enthusiasm and professionalism to transform the local, seasonal, natural and colorful images of crops, fruits and flowers into intimate landscape oil paintings. Her works lean towards painterly realistic style, by combining unique brushstrokes, textures and rich colors, her ideas and creation move freely in the dimensions of realistic, impressive and expressive touches. Her series of thesis paintings are designed to evoke feelings of vitality and abundance, as well as gratitude and appreciation of beauty from nature. She is a member of California Art Club. She has exhibited her work through her local café, art school in Florence, Italy and gallery affiliated with the Academy of Art University.

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Falkirk Cultural Center

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