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Cindy H Miracle

  • 480 Gate 5 Rd studio 335a, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA
  • Third Floor, # 335 A

About The Artist

Artist Statement

My work continues to evolve, reflecting experiences and perceptions of my surroundings. I continue to search for new ways to express my thoughts visually, experimenting with various techniques and mediums. I strive to create work that engages the viewer with a starting point and allows his or her own personal path of interpretation. I like working in layers, and find painting and printmaking are especially conducive to my process.


My earliest memories are of making art and wanting to be an artist. I studied Drawing, Painting, Printmaking and Textiles at Cal -State Fullerton, earning a B.F.A. I moved to San Francisco and worked as a cartographer and scientific illustrator for several of years, then returned to academia to earn an M.F.A. at Claremont Graduate University. While at Claremont I also studied Painting, Printmaking and also developed a deeper appreciation of Art History and Architecture. These studies, coupled with my time traveling and living in Europe, have given me much personal inspiration for my own work.

Art Medium(s)

Oil Paint, Prints and Printmaking, Mixed Media

Studio Information

Building Name

ICB or Industrial Center Building

Studio Or Unit Number

Third Floor, # 335 A

Studio Address

480 Gate 5 Rd studio 335a, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA

Special Location Or Visiting Instructions

Please find me on the third floor of the ICB!

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