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Cathleen Evangelista

  • 1505 Tiburon Blvd, Belvedere Tiburon, CA 94920, USA

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Enthralled by nature and the beauty of our surroundings my creative expression began with a journey into macro and abstract photography. I am drawn to essences. The expression is a fluidity.

Over time and turning inward I found a resonance with the tactile medium of encaustic painting (beeswax and damar resin).  This ancient (first use over 2000 years ago) fluid layering medium mirrors being in flow, as in water. As such, it is infinitely malleable revealing texture, shape and depth.

Each encaustic piece consists of multiple layers of painting with pigmented wax. The process is to melt the wax on a palette, paint, fuse with heat and repeat the steps, in this way the shapes and textures arise. As a heated and flowing medium I am guided by the colors and the process itself.

As a springboard into curiosity, each piece offers a pause to savor the beauty that surrounds us. I hope you find nourishment.

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Cathleen grew up in a suburban town in New Jersey. She recalls summertimes at the shore, where her affinity to the ocean and open spaces began.

She is drawn to abstractions or essences of things. A non-conceptual way to express the beauty which surrounds us. In this way an abstract piece is capable of bringing forth an emotional response along with a new perception. Unspoken words may allow for a sense of wonder to emerge. Beauty, in all forms, is welcoming to the perceiver and when savored may act as a guide toward a wider knowing quality.


2007 – Riverfront Gallery, Petaluma, CA

2010 – Healdsburg Art Center, Healdsburg, CA

2012 – Institute of Noetic Science, Petaluma, CA

2013 – Marin Art & Garden Center, Ross, CA

2020 – O’Hanlon Gallery, Mill Valley, CA

2021 – O’Hanlon Gallery, Mill Valley, CA

2023 – Dharma College, Lotus Gallery, Berkeley, CA*

Art Medium(s)

Oil Paint, Photography

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Marin Open Studios – May 4th and May 5th

Tiburon Town Hall, 1505 Tiburon Blvd, Tiburon, CA

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Tiburon Town Hall

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Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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