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Benjamin Noah Benet

  • 480 Gate 5 Rd, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA
  • 237A
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In my artwork I seek to better understand the world and the people around me. In doing so, I would hope to be better understood by the world and those people. I am drawn to movement and expressions that do not beckon words. I find shapes that create the whole and decide whether to define them or leave them undefined, creating a tension/relief in the artwork.


“That’s really good,” said another eighth grader as I drew an outline of the US in history class. I suppose she might have been talking about my drawing, yet, I didn’t believe her, or, I didn’t know what “good” meant. I didn’t ask. Like most kids, I tried drawing and when I finished one that didn’t turn out well, I gave up. Any encouragement didn’t stick. I needed a reason, as most people do, to continue. I had thought, like a lot of people may think, art is not important. Through the next few years I had continued music that I had begun earlier and played the French Horn and contrasted that with an obsession to produce music for rap artists. They didn’t quite feed off of each other, and, maybe the two areas conflicted with one another. After attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston, playing the French Horn, my right lung collapsed and I had to have surgery. I shifted to Northeastern after that, also in Boston. After an argument with a friend, I realized more about myself after an inner dialogue gave me purpose. I “found myself.” I found an interest in architecture, then art. Then, throughout the next several years, I started to lose myself again and had faced a series of challenges, one of them including homelessness while continuing to draw in cafes and often being so thrilled with them that I would spend my last dollar or two on postage to mail them out, along with writings. When I could, I started to put the pieces back together and thought to continue architecture studies I wanted to pursue at Northeastern, though, as the time came closer for classes to start, my mom had been playing around with sketching and watercolor and was having a blast. Remembering the joy I had felt from doing similar activities, I switched my studies to art and have been taking classes at College of Marin for several years. I live in Mill Valley and work in a studio at the ICB in Sausalito.

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Oil Paint, Watercolor, Mixed Media

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Industrial Center Building

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Exhibitions & Press

Group Exhibitions


Exhibizone, Juried Show, Online Exhibit, “Nuditas,” (October-November)

Cabrillo Gallery, Juried Show, Juried by Clark Buckner, Aptos, CA, “Moving Images: pause…restart”, (Online Exhibit)(October-November)

Artworks Downtown, Juried Show, Juried by Camillo Villa, San Rafael, CA, “Skulls and Roses,” (October-November)

Marin Society of Artists, Juried Show, Juried by Josh Paquette and Josh Otten, San Rafael, CA, “All About Women,” (Online Exhibit)(August-October)

Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Juried Show, Juried by LeeAnn Brook, Carmichael, CA, “Bold Expressions,” (September-October)

Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Juried Show, Juried by Myrna Wacknov, Carmichael, CA “Go With The Flow” (August-September)

San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center, Juried Show, Juried by Quinton Bemiller, Encino, CA, “Artopia” (Online Exhibition)(August)

Philz Coffee Shop, Corte Madera, CA (July-Present)

Marin County Fair (Virtual), Juried Show, Marin County, CA, 2nd Place and Honorable Mention (July)

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Juried Show, Juried by Natasha Boas, Mill Valley, CA, “Local Inspiration” (June-August)

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Juried Show, Juried by Susan Snyder, Novato, CA “ConVERGEnce” (May-July)(Accepted though not exhibited)

Marin Open Studios (May)


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