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Benjamin Noah Benet

  • 480 Gate 5 Rd, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA
  • 237A

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Industrial Center Building

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In my artwork I tend to explore the elusive theme of identity. Who is one to themselves, as well as who is one to others? The self encapsulates one’s emotions, one’s reasoning, one’s wisdom, one’s experience, even one’s mistakes, as well as so many other factors. Through paint, I explore moments, or, a series of moments, where one can be “seen,” in contrast to “blending in,” and, at the same time “see” another. Within one’s identity, there may be facets that appear in these moments. These moments signify, to oneself and others, one’s values and characteristics, making oneself known. I use abstractions and a variety of colors to explore these moments that may be pivotal in discovery of self and another.

          Another topic I am exploring is the concept of “home.” People may have a “house” to live in, but what constitutes a “home,” and, the feeling that comes with “being at home?” This topic, related to identity, digs deeper into the choices one makes after being secure within oneself.


Ben was born into a family of a computer programmer, a writer, and a would be scientist. At an early age, he had shown an interest in creative fields, having attempted to write his own jokes after watching David Letterman (which is a bit of a joke in itself). Music followed, as he began to learn to play the French Horn. He traveled across the country to go to the Berklee School of Music, in Boston, after leaving high school. Music was not his “calling,” though. After about a year and a half in Boston, he told a friend, at that time, that he needed to “find himself.” He walked outside of his apartment the next morning and did just that, and, at that time, an idea grew in his mind that he is an “artist.” With the conviction of an eagle alongside the naivety of a puppy, which can be a devastating combination, he began to encounter a series of set backs that ultimately, over the course of several years, led to homelessness. Through his time on “the streets,” he would draw in cafes and coffee shops, finding purpose in what he was doing. Eventually, he was able to put some pieces back together and re enroll at College of Marin, where he studied, and, studies, art. He lives in Mill Valley and works out of his studio at the Industrial Center Building in Sausalito,

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Oil Paint, Watercolor, Mixed Media

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Exhibitions & Press

Group Exhibitions


Exhibizone, Juried Show, Online Exhibit, “Nuditas,” (October-November)

Cabrillo Gallery, Juried Show, Juried by Clark Buckner, Aptos, CA, “Moving Images: pause…restart”, (Online Exhibit)(October-November)

Artworks Downtown, Juried Show, Juried by Camillo Villa, San Rafael, CA, “Skulls and Roses,” (October-November)

Marin Society of Artists, Juried Show, Juried by Josh Paquette and Josh Otten, San Rafael, CA, “All About Women,” (Online Exhibit)(August-October)

Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Juried Show, Juried by LeeAnn Brook, Carmichael, CA, “Bold Expressions,” (September-October)

Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Juried Show, Juried by Myrna Wacknov, Carmichael, CA “Go With The Flow” (August-September)

San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center, Juried Show, Juried by Quinton Bemiller, Encino, CA, “Artopia” (Online Exhibition)(August)

Philz Coffee Shop, Corte Madera, CA (July-Present)

Marin County Fair (Virtual), Juried Show, Marin County, CA, 2nd Place and Honorable Mention (July)

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Juried Show, Juried by Natasha Boas, Mill Valley, CA, “Local Inspiration” (June-August)

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Juried Show, Juried by Susan Snyder, Novato, CA “ConVERGEnce” (May-July)(Accepted though not exhibited)

Marin Open Studios (May)

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