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stephen hayes

  • 24 Summit Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA

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When I was about 5 or 6 my mother sat me on her knee and showed me her drawings of the figure draped in fabrics. She had studied at school but gave it up to raise four children. I was hooked.. Ive studied art and sculpture in the classic anteliars of Florence and Carrara. Also fortunate to have lived and painted in Aix en Provence France. Ive further studied impressionist painting for many years from Jerry Fresia of San Francisco and Lake Como, Italy. ( )

I paint oils of Marin county and SF. Lots of Mt Tamalpais, GG Bride etc. Also commissions of people, places and houses.

My studio is located in a converted Victorian church near downtown Mill Valley. Its an incredibly inspiring place and I am happy to share it with you during open studios, or anytime throughout the year!


Born in Texas, raised in Missouri. Art 17, left home and hitchhiked to California. Studied at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz. Have traveled quite a lot in Asia, India, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. These travels have awakened an interest and education in a wide variety of mediums and styles in art. I create paintings, prints and sculpture.


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Acrylic Paint, Drawing, Mixed Media, Oil Paint, Pastel, Prints and Printmaking, Sculpture

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The Old Church At 24 Summit Avenue, Mill Valley.

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