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Vladimir Cuevas

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Ever since I can remember, something has been crystal clear to me: life has given me the incredible gift of being physically, mentally and, above all, emotionally hyperactive. This gift, together with feelings of melancholy, tragedy, happiness and love, have been, are and will always be the spark that triggers my creativity and fuels my imagination, so I can create a new universe in every work of art.

Adolescence, that time of life that is supposedly lenient and carefree, was a devastating time for me because of my father’s schizophrenia and my mother’s emotional suffering. It was then that I developed deep within my soul the will and the instinct to survive, darkened as it was by less than noble feelings. Nevertheless, I felt they were a symphony of brilliant colors, tenuous figures and sad faces that were the protagonists of fanciful stories.

That intricate feeling is the jumping board into my art, a range of universal experiences that I transform into dreams, and with those dreams I create a magical relationship with the materials that I use: sand, multicolored powders, wood, paste, pigments, acrylic paint, oil paint, resins and fiberglass, be it in a portrait, in sacred or abstract art or in a sculpture that stands 13 meters tall.


Vladimir Cuevas was born in Zimatlán de Alvarez in Oaxaca, Mexico in 1970. He had a very happy and hyperactive childhood, but his adolescence was tragic and sad because of his father’s early schizophrenia. His life was paralyzed in every way and at the age of 19 he was forced to make the difficult decision to leave his medical studies and his home. He traveled to the United States in search of new possibilities to support his family. He worked as hard as he could and in 1995 he met the painter, sculptor, writer and architect Antonio Huerta, who became his teacher and mentor and it was then that he began his profession as an artist. With his teacher he wrote about a pre- Columbian culture in the magazine comm, a children’s story (“Curiosín”) and began to paint in different techniques, which would quickly lead him to the professional realm. Two years after his start in art (1997), he was discovered by Gerónimo Berenguer de los Reyes Jr. (Chairman of the Board of Directors GBR foundation and Museum) in the Philippines. Mr. Gerónimo and BRG Foundation, commissioned the artist with a piece of artwork for his GBR Museum and they continue to work together. In the year 2007 Mr. De Los Reyes commissioned Vladimir to paint six altarpieces and a piece of artwork for the High Altar for the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Kavite, Philippines. Until this date, the GBR foundation, GBR museum and Mr. Gerónimo’s personal collection are the proud owners of more than 300 pieces of artwork by the artist. Among these pieces is sacred art, figurative art, surreal art to abstract art, as well as portraits and family scenes and works of art in different churches in the Philippines. Since his start, Vladimir has developed a different personality in his pictorial qualities due to the impact of his father’s schizophrenia and his mother’s suffering, circumstances that have led him to an absolutely personal exploration in his magical and mythological artistic world. And in this manner, he has transformed his sometimes tragic trajectory as well as the melancholy and suffering of indigenous women, into succulent mythologies of colors and textures. His work is th Due to his origins, he has a wide knowledge of pre-Colombian culture, especially the Zapotec and Mixtec culture. In addition, a fascinating love for legendary traditions, which is strongly reflected in his colossal and magnificent “El Danzante de Pluma (2018),” a 13-meter-high sculpture-painting, considered to be the largest in the state of Oaxaca; made of fiberglass and hand painted by the artist. Vladimir Cuevas’ work has been exhibited in the Philippines, Europe, Mexico, South America and the United States, where he still lives (San Francisco, CA).

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Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media, Sculpture

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O'Hanlon Center

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Exhibitions & Press

Group Exhibitions

Exhibits and work 


TANA – Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer – Woodland, California

Guest Speaker and Artist.

Sacred Art

Paintings by Commission by GBR Foundation Inc. 1997 – present

Sacred Art

Mr. Geronimo Berenger de los Reyes, Owner
104 Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229, Philippines.
250 pieces currently displayed in his personal collection at the GBR museum and in several churches throughout the Philippines.

Danzante de la Pluma – Dancer of the Feather – Sculpture – 2018 – Present

43 foot fiber glass and metal sculpture. Abstract painting on headdress (13 ft. x 9.5 ft.). Permanent installation at Cerro del Yavego, Zimatlán de Alvarez, Oaxaca, Mexico.


2000 – Present

Selected Exhibitions

2011 – Present


The Art & the Cure

Abstract Exhibit – Cardiology Department Gallery St. Lucas Hospital
San Francisco, California

The Art and the Cure

Monte Albán Exhibit – Cardiology Department Gallery



St. Lucas Hospital
San Francisco, California

2009 Guadalupana Mural (Panel) Permanent public art exhibit

Leoncio Gonzales Federal Building Zimatlan de Alvarez, Oaxaca, Mexico

2008 La Virgen Dolorosa Mural – Special commission Sacred Heart Church

Zimatlán de Alvarez, Oaxaca, Mexico

2005 Mictlantecutli – Day of the Dead Exhibit Palace of the Legion of Honor

San Francisco, California
2005 Visual Esferic Perspectometry #1 Exhibit Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

San Francisco, California

2004 La Muerte de Turquesa – Day of the Dead Exhibit Back to the Picture Gallery

San Francisco, California

The Prayer Book – GBR Foundation Inc. – Phillippines Special commissions:

• • •

2003 Virgin of Guadalupe and San Juan Diego Murals Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

Cavite, Phillippines

Christ, Splendor & Hope Exhibit

St. Mary’s Catedral
San Francisco, California

The Resurrection – Oil Painting Last Supper – Oil Painting
Virgen of Guadalupe – Oil Painting



Perspectometry Visual Esferic #2 Exhibit

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts San Francisco, California

Mis hijos – mural on wood, paste and acrylic (8 panels) Commission – Ms. María Haro – private collection San Francisco, California

2001 From the Stone to the Metal Exhibit (El Vuelo de la Imaginación Humana)

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts San Francisco, California

2000 Donahí – International Latino American Art Exhibit Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

San Francisco, California

1997 Virgen of Guadalupe
Dartmouth College – Permanent collection

Hanover, NH

1995 Te Regalo un Jaguar – Polanco Gallery 393 Hayes Street, San Francisco

1995 Guelaguetza Mural – Wood & oil

San Jose Gallery San Francisco, CA

Dioses en el Cielo Exhibit

Fina Estampa Gallery
Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, California

Dioses Prehispánicos Exhibit

Vallarta Gallery
Mission Street, San Francisco




1994 Curiosín y sus Ondas, Cultura Oaxaqueña Curiosín and his Adventures, Oaxacan Culture

Illustration & publication of bilingual childrens’ book San Francisco, California





1995 – Present
Continued studies on dynamic anatomy, human figure, color, texture and polyangular perspective – Antonio Huerta, professor.

Abstract advanced painting classes City College,
San Francisco, CA

Fresco technique – private classes José Galindo
San Francisco, CA

Continued studies
Development of pictorial techniques and research on line and color of Oaxacan folkloric tradition. – Self taught

Studies on general surgery and human anatomy Universidad Autónoma – Benito Juarez
Oaxaca, México



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