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Annie Danberg

  • 2173 Francisco Blvd E, Suite F, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA
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2173 Bay Park Center

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Suite F

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I’m particularly fascinated by rocks, as well as their symbolic significance. Metaphors of time, impermanence, change, and solidity work together to convey the relationship between weight, gravity and the openness of space. The overall aesthetic portrays geometric, transparent overlays. There’s a paradoxical quality of the density of rock punctuated by light, making the form seem more ethereal than dense.  Moreover, my paintings explore dimensional gravity with surprising visual effects, creating a suspended, fragmented landscape. 

An integral part of my process involves photographing natural rock formations around Marin County, then drawing and painting in acrylic and oil from those initial images. My paintings begin with the kinetic, non-objective underpainting, which creates a surprising interplay with the intended composition.  Additionally, these initial encounters inspire me to play with human-made rock formations, in particular cairns or stacked rocks that mark a path. Blind contour drawing is another technique I use, allowing me to have an intimate conversation with the world surrounding me. My inner nature becomes part of the subject as I recognize my own seasons and cycles reflected in nature. In this way making art becomes a bridge that connects the natural world with the realm of the sacred.


Annie Danberg is a life-long artist based in San Rafael, Ca. She draws inspiration from the infinite mysteries of the natural world, and the ways that nature can reflect the inner world of the psyche. She takes a process-oriented approach in her abstract paintings in acrylic and oil where she allows the voice of her intuition to dance with organic form.

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Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint

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Certification: SoulCollage® Facilitator, Fall 2016

Masters Degree: Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy Psychology,

Notre Dame de Namur University, May, 2012

Bachelors Degree: Psychology, Sonoma State University, Suma Cum Laude, 2009

Independent and Continuing Education Studies: in expressive art, visual art,

movement and improvisation 1990-present

Coursework: in Design and Illustration, Academy of Art University, 1988-89

Certification: Commercial Art Production, Los Angeles Occupational College,1984

High School: Hamilton High School, Los Angeles, CA, 1978


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