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Amir Salamat

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In the first glance one of the main characteristics of the paintings I do is the spontaneity in the way forms, shapes and characters are drawn with control over the colors and the placement of shapes.  Using different techniques, I can deliver a wide range of subjects and tackle a range of issues.
At first, my paintings can be seen as abstract expressionist work since often, the message in a painting may not be immediately obvious, however upon closer examination, one can see a vast and interesting view of emotional, political and social issues.
I use simple forms and characters that I have developed throughout my many years of painting.  I have developed my style in solitude and away from the mainstream artist community. I believe I have developed a very personal and unique style with simple, but powerful lines and vibrant colors that can attract the eye in the first glance and then deliver a message which is much deeper once I have one’s attention.
Amir Salamat


Profile   Born in Tehran, Iran Started Painting with oils at the age of 14. Emigrated to United States to continue his degree in Engineering   Academics   Master of Science in Engineering   Exhibitions   Amir’s work has been displayed in various locations and has been purchased by collectors throughout United States.   He is a self-taught artist.  While using different materials and techniques his very personal style has gone through many changes throughout his career as an artist.  His style combines the approach of a western style of painting with motifs and images related to his birth country of Iran.

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Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Drawing, Mixed Media

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