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Brewer/Chipkin Art of Partnership

How can collaborative art-making deepen and improve communication and connection in friendships, romantic relationships, or professional partnerships? How can working together on a single piece of art stimulate personal and relational growth? How can unconscious feelings and beliefs stirred in the process provoke compassion, acceptance, and even deep healing? Kris Brewer and Lisa Chipkin, dear friends and creative collaborators, have been exploring these ideas for over sixteen years, growing exponentially as artists, communicators, and human beings.

For many years we have explored weaving together art-making, mindfulness, prayer, intuition and direct, nonviolent communication in a process we call “The Art of Partnership.”

As we work together on one canvas, we practice letting go of perfection, trusting our creative impulses, and pausing to honor feelings as they arise. One of the biggest surprises has been discovering old wounds that get triggered in the process, then healing them together in the safe space we’ve created.

Our body of collaborative works were born of this process.

We love to support others in this process through Art of Partnership workshops, retreats and private sessions. Join Us!