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Alex Cole

San Rafael, CA

I have been a painter for over 20 years. My subject matter has changed, my process has changed but the one constant in my work is the the use of mixed media, layers and my love of color. Not in bright bold color but the nuances and how I can manipulate it.

My current work has been greatly influenced by my awe of the Northern California landscape around me. The rolling hills the wine country, the fog softening the lines of the horizon and creating whispers of brush strokes across the valleys, the nuisances of each season changing from bright green hills to a beautiful mustard. I paint the memories of these moments.

I begin my paintings with dark color tones and quick brushstrokes. It's a playful time for me and warming up time to experiment and be in the moment. I allow the paint to tell me where to go. Allowing drips, scraping and scratching to create texture and patterns that sometimes only accidents can create. Then I begin to add decorative papers and thicker brighter colors into my palette. The process is an ebb and flow between adding and subtracting. Always being aware of keeping the energy of the brushstrokes and the energy of the painting moving.

On the days that I'm not working in my studio, I’m inspiring others to find their creative side. Teaching the art of fearless creativity, unplugging, and letting go.

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