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Deborah Marie Martin-Lueder

Novato, CA

DeMaLu (Deborah Martin-Lueder) is a fine art and portraiture photographer. Fine Art Photography: The idea of creating something beautiful out of what is considered garbage or elements of deterioration is one of my passions. Beauty is all around us everyday if we look hard enough and break the norms of what we are used to seeing in our own environments. A day spent scouring the floors of abandoned buildings forgotten in time and discovering beautiful textures and architectural elements provides unique canvases for digital compositing. These are forgotten stories. I try to piece together what those walls once were in a different way. I also have the opportunity to capture images of historical locations and exotic landscapes through my travels. My art is inspired by my experience in filmmaking, illustration and music. These layered digital photographs become stories that I weave by using abstraction or historical and tribal figures. Portraiture Photography: DeMaLu is also passionate about photographing primarily women. Capturing their essence for whatever desires they may have whether it be headshots, private boudoir sessions, glamour photos or in her beautiful natural state. Photographing women at all stages of her life is an important documentation that lasts forever making a still frame of one particular moment in time. It is an empowering and enlightening way to tell your own story on your own terms. I enjoy working with clients by creating composite fantasy originals. The Photo Fantasies are always an exciting artistic process for me. I enjoy spending time with the client to find out how they see the world, what their vision is, learning their color palettes that fits their home and having their trust in me. This allows me to put a spin with my artistry creating a specific art piece for their home or a gift to someone that no one else can duplicate which has personal meaning.

I attended art school as an Illustration major which lead me to studying film. The love of art has inspired me to be creative in different outlets. I have been on hiatus due to an extensive remodel which also has allowed me to be creative. I very much enjoy traveling with my husband and creating new adventures, together.

The Deconstruction of Royalty

Deborah Martin-Lueder

Daughter of Zeus

Deborah Martin-Lueder