Rachel Davis Profile Photo

Rachel Davis

Sausalito, CA

Paying close attention, and surrendering to the inevitability of self expression, are what drive my art process. I’m fascinated by the tension between light and dark, connection and disconnection. I’ve learned to follow the call of seemingly random collage images and love having at surfaces with violent scraping tools. A strong mood and story is hinted at in much of my work, and things are often left unsaid or moving in and out of focus, urging the viewer to linger and discover more. Words are variously revealed and concealed, often in languages I don’t understand. As an artist and psychologist, I’m endlessly moved by how we humans try, often fail, yet try again to communicate with one another. Finally, I’m drawn to quiet, and how much is expressed in silence, on the panel or the face, for those who care to look.

Rachel Davis is a mixed media artist, ikebanaist (Japanese flower arranger) and psychologist, born
and bred in New York City, and thrilled to call the San Francisco Bay Area home. She is drawn to what’s beneath the surface and can never fully be known. Davis is also pulled to beauty for it’s own sake, and to pure play and abandon. The freedom to move back and forth between mediums and moods is central to keeping joy at the helm of her creative process.

Davis received her undergraduate degree at Barnard College, Columbia University, and, as Ruth Davis Kalb, her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Adelphi University’s Derner institute. She’s been mentored in Ikebana for twenty plus years and has studied classical portraiture as well as mixed media art and printmaking.