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Stuart J. Gourlay

San Rafael, CA

I paint in oils, acrylics and watercolors and have always found that art is my greatest stress reliever. I like to paint from life and outdoors as much as possible and enjoy painting landscapes and cityscapes alla prima in oils. Capturing the changing light and shadows is always the challenge plein air painting.

I grew up in Southern California and was tutored in oil painting for several years, starting at age 9. Growing up, I pursued every imaginable art and craft medium that I could, but I put my paint brushes away during high school, college and medical school. I picked up my brushes again as an intern, the year after medical school and painted in acrylics from time to time over a 30 year period. About 20 years ago, I started painting much more regularly and transitioned back into oils and into plein air painting about 10 years ago. I primarily self taught, through books, videos and local artist's classes, but have refined my work by studying online and in plein air workshops with many different artists. My work is representational and impressionistic. I still work as a general surgeon and paint as much as possible.

Moss Landing Makeover

Stuart Gourlay