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Lori-Michele Emerson

Larkspur, CA

Thank you for taking a moment of life to view my artwork. I’ve been painting since my grandmother taught me how to handle the long brushes and the serious medium of oil paints at the tender age of 10. Some of my art pieces have recently been in local juried group art shows and others are happily residing amid private collections throughout Marin County and within my native New England, where I received an art degree once upon a time. Since 1997, enjoying life, work and motherhood here in Marin, I have managed to successfully work as an artist in a myriad of ways and now reside and have a private studio in downtown Larkspur. As an art restorer mainly, I’ve worked with many materials and have gained an insight and sensitivity to a variety of fine art. I’m especially drawn to Japanese aesthetics and their reverence of nature, which have influenced what I create through painting, wood-block printing, sculpting and collage. Several years ago, I began the rewarding practice of teaching private art classes to children and adults at the studio. I’m on a mission to help keep the visual arts alive and thriving in our community. For interest in painting purchases, commissions, classes, or collaborating, please see below for contact info and thank you for supporting the arts! Lori-Michele Emerson hachidoristudio@gmail.com 546B Magnolia Ave Larkspur 415.305.5674

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