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Georgia June Goldberg

San Anselmo, CA

My drawings, paintings and installations collaborate with natural phenomenon such as soil, wind, water, and light. The unexpected beauty of life experienced, for example, by looking up at snow falling at night impels my work. I am captivated by motion, suspension and stillness and feel Nature is the essence of life. Nature’s beauty, changes and unseen forces are the genesis. In my work, I am exploring intersections between the earth and us, between art and science. I position my fragile linear installations so that they can be taken over by nature’s powerful forces; viewers can experience this. The installations are extended, three-dimensional drawings in space that move as we circulate around and through them and situate us in movement and sound, silence and contemplation. I seek to capture fleeting moments of wonder. My work creates a dialogue about certain questions: What is the nature of ephemerality? How do we capture and show the ephemerality and beauty inherent in natural forces, and engage the viewer in this quest? How do we convey nature's movement and stillness? Why is movement fascinating? How does art awaken our understanding of the natural world, its precious resources, and the need to preserve them? The work, at present, asks: can the magnitude of geological and cosmic time be depicted and comprehended? With art, can we suspend and see our brief time here? My installations and drawings are site-specific, drawing from and responding to each environment. In creating installations, I draw on my dual background in art and architecture, love of the natural world and of physical and mental labor. I seek to blur the lines between art, science and nature. The environment, space, line, light, movement, and sound interrelate and freely and continually change.

I am an artist who trained and practiced initially as an architect. I studied art at Yale College (Departmental Honors, Magna Cum Laude) and at Princeton University, where I earned a Masters of Architecture degree. My work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States and is in the collection of the US Embassy in Sarajevo, among others. I teach art and architecture in the Bay Area, where I have my studio. My installations and drawings collaborate with natural phenomenon such as soil, wind, water, and light.

The unexpected beauty of Nature impels my work. Currently, I am exploring the aesthetic resonances of soil, collecting soils from all 50 States and forming them into tubes that hang horizontally at waist height. I am also seeking to capture the motions of continental drift and earth's tectonic plates in sculpture, furniture and drawings.

Ice Core 1 and 2

Georgia Goldberg

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Georgia Goldberg

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