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Marsha Giegerich Torkelson

San Rafael, CA

Every two years or so, I have focused on children in my art. First emphasizing they should be our culture's PRIORITY, then their asking us to CHANGE!, followed by CHILDREN CHALLENGING US. With our rapidly changing climate, increasing distractions caused by technology and the corporate stronghold on everything of value, SEEKING CHANGE and then EXCHANGE show young people from different cultures facing each other, engaging with and listening to each other. These themes are continued in WHO IS THINKING ABOUT CHILDREN and now in 2019-2020 in CHILDREN SPEAK TRUTH.

I have been a secondary school English teacher, a psychotherapist working with children and a photographer in my prior lives. Art classes at City College, joining the Women's Painting Group at the Noonan Building in San Francisco and photographing children in other countries helped me to transition to making art on an increasingly full-time basis.

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