Auli Sookari Profile Photo

Auli Sookari

Mill Valley, CA

I combine Finnish craftsmanship and tradition of rug weaving with California materials such as upcycled jeans, t-shirts and linens, to create individually designed, one of a kind pieces of art. I’m committed to environmentally sustainable methods and use of materials in my art and teaching.

I'm a crafts and arts teacher from Finland where I taught textile crafts and art for almost thirty years and trained teachers in that field at the University of Helsinki. Since moving to California I've opened my own fiber art studio in Mill Valley where I weave rugs from discarded textiles and dye wool and silk scarves with natural dyes. I also teach workshops on natural dyeing, weaving, making beeswax wraps and up-cycling plastics. My teaching mission is to inspire and create a joyful atmosphere for learning and creating.

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