Doris Mitsch Profile Photo

Doris Mitsch

Larkspur, CA

There’s so much about the natural world that we don’t understand or even see. Most often we experience it at some remove: a vista point, a trail, an arrangement… Even nature photography has conventions that hold us at a distance. It’s an interesting challenge to find a new way to look at something like a flower, which has already been photographed so many times, and find qualities that might not have been apparent before. A review once described my work as “fleshy and tender.” That’s more or less what I’m after.

Doris Mitsch is a Bay Area artist whose work has been exhibited and published internationally, including solo shows in New York City and Palo Alto and a group show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Reviewers have described Mitsch’s work as “voluptuous, highly tactile,” “luminous, fleshy, tender… and almost threatening."

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