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Marty Knapp

Point Reyes Station, CA

I love making photographs! I’ve been making photographs for as long as I can remember. My grandfather gave me a camera when I was eleven. I was smitten...captivated. The jewel-like lens, and silver dials engraved with precise, arcane numbers drew me in. It’s been that way ever since. I love cameras and I can’t resist making photographs. It is what I do, and I never wanted to do anything else. I create black & white photographs to express what I find beneath the surface of things. Undistracted by color, I'm drawn to the beauty of form, texture, and light itself. I work in a serendipitous manner, letting the light lead me...slowing down until I feel called. Being in the right place at the right time is everything. I believe that, like music, black and white images can bypass our rational minds to touch our hearts directly. When I make a print, I work to express the feelings about what I've seen - the sublime beauty of our world revealed by glorious light. Lately, I’ve been photographing the celestial lights of our vast night sky. And, on morning walks, I've been magnifying the sparkling details of frosted and dew-laden plants with my macro lens. I'm forever amazed--how these different worlds mirror each other!

Marty grew up in Guilford on the coast of Connecticut. The rocky beaches and hardwood forests were his playground. His grandfather gave him a camera and he fell in love.

It wasn't until Marty was twenty-one and came to beautiful Point Reyes, that he found his life's work--photography. He built a darkroom and honed his skills, dedicating his days to creative black & white photography. He wandered the trails, seeking remarkable moments of light and capturing what he found with his camera. These prints are now in collections worldwide.

Marty Knapp’s book, "Point Reyes 20 Years," was awarded the Bronze Medal for Photography in the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards. His work has also appeared in "Lenswork" and Terry Hope's book "The World's Top Photographers."

Today, Marty and his wife, Jean Wason Knapp, live in Point Reyes Station where, at the Marty Knapp Photo Gallery, they show his fine prints. He makes his numbered editions using today's finest archival papers and pigment inks. His most recent work explores the beauty of the night sky above the California coast and desert.

When asked during a recent interview why he became a photographer, Marty replied, “When I was eleven, I held a camera for the first time, I suddenly felt happy, deep, deep indescribable sense of joy and well-being. It’s still that way today whenever I pick up my camera; I know there’s nothing else I would rather do than make photographs.”

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