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Ashley Jayne Nicolaus

San Rafael, CA

With paint, I explore the tensions between people, objects and people, people and people, and people and things. Thoughts sometime turn to words, which, on occasion turn to action, and it is the places of silence in between that interest me the most. No one will ever really know you. Not really. And that is profoundly interesting to me. With text, often found in books, or magazines, I create the beginnings of a narrative on the canvas, while the mark making, drawing and tactile quality of the surface, hopefully, leads the viewer to a deeper understanding of something.

Ashley-Jayne Nicolaus is a Bay Area native. After high school, she lived in Oregon for almost five years doing absolutely nothing but hiding from the incessant rain and trying to teach herself how to paint. She then moved to San Diego where she continued her painting career, having many gallery shows and creating many relationships with collectors. While in San Diego, she successfully pitched Haven to D.C. Comics.

She then realized that she needed a more academic study for her painting and writing. She applied and got into many top art schools and decided on the California College of the arts (formerly California College of Arts and Crafts) in Oakland and San Francisco. She moved home after almost ten years of being away and started to take her work more seriously, which included writing Haven and a few other small projects for D.C. She cultivated relationships while in school and in the Comic Book Industry with many wonderful artists that she admired greatly such as Franklin Williams, Barron Storey, Kent Williams, Betsy Davids, Liam Sharp, Mathew Clark and many more.

Michael McLure persuaded her to pursue her writing as well as her art so she decided to go back and get her Masters. At the time, CCA was the only school that would allow an interdisciplinary study that would allow her to marry text and image.

After graduating from school with her MFA Ashley became the Director for Artisans Art Gallery where she had the honor of working next to Donna Seager and meeting and learning from so many wonderful Bay Area Artists.

Ashley is currently painting away in the studio….

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