Camille Przewodek Profile Photo

Camille Przewodek

Ross, CA

Color that expresses the light key of nature can make any subject strikingly beautiful.

Nationally renowned colorist and painting instructor, Camille Przewodek, is noted for her ability to see and use color relationships to effectively express the “light key” or “envelope of light” that nature presents to us outdoors at different times of day, or under different types of weather conditions.

Having a strong start to a painting is a hallmark of the Cape School approach. To that end students are encouraged to make many quick color studies, so they can confidently convey the illusion of light through accurately stating the big masses of color, usually within the first 20 minutes of painting.

Camille annually teaches painting workshops across the country, and offers regular weekly classes at her studio in Petaluma. She has been a featured, on-stage demonstrator at PleinAir Magazine’s Annual Plein Air Convention, as well as an invited instructor, lecturer, and panelist on the Hensche-Hawthorne approach to seeing and painting color at American Artist Magazine’s Weekend with the Masters.

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