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Lucy Autrey Wilson

San Anselmo, CA

I love to work with textiles, photography, cold and hot wax, and paint and ink on paper – often combined into a single work, such as an art quilt or collage. My mixed media work is centered on reflecting the beauty of the physical world we live and work in. The natural world is beautiful. Let’s try to keep it that way.

A California girl, since the age of two, I’ve been lucky enough to have lived in some of the most beautiful spots in the state including Santa Barbara, La Jolla and, since 1974 when I moved north to take a job at the fledgling Lucasfilm studio, Marin County. I love learning new things so have experimented with just about every artistic medium, except ceramics. The one common thread running through my mixed media work is a love for the beauty of the west coast environment.

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