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Laura Roebuck

Mill Valley, CA

i first started painting abstract oils using only household and construction tools and later added palette knives and brushes to the process. while i am drawn to creating large-scale paintings, i also love exploring the experience and effects of working with a range of sizes. through intuition and movement, i investigate the interplay of color, shape, and texture, and am influenced by a range of abstract expressionist, color field, and arte povera painters. i also work on mixed media studies and assemblage with found, broken, and collected objects.

i was born and raised in cleveland,ohio. i received a B.A. in psychology and a minor in dance from boston university and a M.D. from case western reserve university. in 1992 i moved to san francisco to pursue a career as a psychiatrist and practiced in san francisco and marin for 13 years.

my first art studio was in san francisco's mission district. in 2008 i moved my studio to marin.

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