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Carol Ann Levy

San Rafael, CA

It gives me great pleasure to be able to share my art work with you through Marin Open Studios, 2017. My painting process is a search.This search takes me to unknown places bringing me insights that connect me to a deeper truth. As I engage with the flow of paint I am continually met with the delicate balances that exist for me between definition and abstraction, control and freedom, and conflict and resolution. I begin my work with not knowing. As one layer of paint partially covers another the painting reveals its own life force. It is a dance, a movement back and forth, adding and subtracting. Movement is essential as I want the paint to come alive and engage. I am interested in the spaces between lines, in the dualities of time and the timeless and form and the formless, the natural order found in chaos, nothing solid and the continuum. The human form, the human condition, the world of nature and the elements: earth, air, fire and water are always inspirations for me to draw upon. Underlying my work is a strong desire to touch into that which is unknown and unknowable: THE MYSTERIES

Carol A. Levy has been a painter and art instructor for 50 years. Currently she teaches figure drawing and painting at City College of San Francisco. She holds a BFA from Syracuse University and a MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago where she also taught. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in one person and group venues throughout her artistic career.(see resume and web site
Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois she moved to California in 1972 and has lived here ever since.

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