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Melissa Louise Parhm

Sausalito , CA

Artist Statement Melissa Parhm Luminosity and unseen communication drive my work. The elements--earth, air, fire, water, and space--are my muses. I create from a place of stillness and allow my work to develop organically. My recent works depict the earth and fire elements in silverpoint, oil, watercolor, and secco painting. I prepare my own panels and add in handmade pigments. In a weaving and un-weaving of the tradition of representing light, I am working with electric bulbs and vacuum tubes. These objects allow me to work with the shape of bulbs and filaments and the vacuum tubes express the primal energy of fire. My exploration of luminosity started with fresco painting and my love of burnishing pigments with agate to create a jewel-like effect. I Prepare panels with layers of marble dust so the pigments and silverpoint glow. My experimental work involves painting with layers of watercolor or charcoal to create luminous atmospheres. I delve into unseen communication with a series roots drawings, the system of roots that we do not see. My drawings emerge from my relation with the trees, the empty waterfall bed, and the elements. My intention through my work is to give energy to others.


My intention, through my work, is to give energy - and greater vision - to others.
Creating balance and beauty in my art practice and my life practice. Paying attention and remaining present in my communication with others. Awakening potential and seeing how to weave networks or create connections that are productive and of benefit to the people and communities that surround me.

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