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Gretchen Evans

Sausalito, CA

When working as an interior designer for 25 years, interiors became my canvases. So when I went back to painting with “real” canvases, not surprisingly, my first attempts were images of studio interiors and objects. As a studio artist, I like to work in thematic series so these first paintings became the start of my “Studio Series”. Typically, I begin with more traditional representations and as the series progresses, the subject matter morphs into more imaginative and playful depictions, for instance, walking benches, levitating stools, etc. in the studios. The first of the “Pillar Series” were conventional impressions of Greek columns, manufactured ceiling supports, then, evolved into totems, circus & calligraphic pillars, ionic-eyed ET, etc. The “Nude Series” develops into a “Games and Puzzles Series”, Maze Man, Puzzled Woman, Don’t Cross Me Man (Crosswords), etc. Presently, I'm working on Studio Series II inspired by objects and happenings in my studio. My work is loose, free-flowing & non-conforming yet with recognizable imagery. My favorite mediums are acrylics, oil stick, and collage on paper & canvas.

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