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Shannon Meadows

Tiburon, CA

The pursuit of art of any sort (dance, painting, writing, music) allures with continual growth and change. It is fluid not stagnant. It is the dynamic of the work itself - the experience of the flow of energy and the exhileration of discovery, the strength of the experience - that makes me feel enlivened and more alive when pursuing my art.

Artist Shannon Meadows has always pursued methods of self-expression, writing poetry as a child and as a creative writing major and published author of short fiction in college. She also minored in dance, studying with several improvisational dance pioneers. After graduating, Shannon began a career in the technology industry first as a technical writer then in sales and executive leadership. An element of creativity is always present in her professional work. Initially, she worked with companies whose software was used for graphics and animation for entertainment and the web. Later, Shannon applied her creativity to the strategic positioning and development of several tech start-up businesses, helping to create a market presence for new product categories in the Education Technology market. She now owns a consulting practice providing strategic business services for technology companies called Iris Creative.

Shannon began oil painting in 2000 when a massage therapist suggested painting and color therapy as a way to cope with stress. Shannon studied oil painting with Susan Manders, renowned Olympic artist, in Studio City near Los Angeles for ten years. After moving to Marin County in 2012, Shannon studied with renowned artist Michael Azgour, at College of Marin and privately in her studio and via Skype as he resides in Poland with his young family.
The move to Marin with its breathtaking coastal landscape and diffuse light has impacted Shannon’s work, evidenced through new subject matter and in a palette that has evolved to cool colors and neutral tones and back to a bold color dynamic in abstract landscapes.

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