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Janet Jacobs

San Anselmo, CA

My work is based on the landscape. It is also increasingly about the challenges that I/we face in this new world of ours. 2020 has wrought havoc in our lives as it has in my paintings. My job as an artist and as a part of society is to record what’s happening from the inside out. Recently, the political has become personal and as such has become a strong element in my work. At the same time compositional thinking sits underneath everything I paint. I pay attention to line, movement, color, and space. I appreciate the beauty of pure paint, and I like working with abstraction within a piece. I think about transparent paint vs. opaque, near color or far, and the use of expressive marks. As much as I’m working with light, space, color, and spirit, I’m also working with formal issues of composition. The Black Lives Matter movement has affected me deeply. That upset has shown itself in the form of color, contrast, abstraction and gesture in the paintings. It’s also present in a range of spatial realities within a piece. As tectonic as these strong responses to the times are they’re making life larger and deeper and more full.

Janet Jacobs is a San Francisco Bay Area artist and art teacher. She received her BFA in Drawing and Printmaking from the California College of the Arts and an MFA in Sculpture and Painting from Mills College.

At Mills College she was one of two main teachers for the artist Jay Defeo, and took over three of her Drawing and Painting classes. This is where the challenge and delight of teaching became important to Janet. After returning to school for a Teaching Credential, she taught at Bay Area high schools, including the Urban School of San Francisco, where she was also Chair of the Art Department. She now teaches small groups and private students at art centers and in her studio in San Anselmo, CA.

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