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Ann Brooks

San Rafael, CA

In a recent interview I was asked, "In one or two words, what means the most to you in life" Initially stunned by – the "In one or two words", I was surprised that the answer came in an instant – Creative Opportunity! My artistic expression is almost always three dimensional, and an effort to add beauty and simplicity to a functional object.

Throughout life I’ve been fulfilled by meeting creative challenges. As a fine craft artist who learned knitting and sewing at my mother’s knee, I’ve been drawn to textile arts: weaving, dying fiber, knitting (electronics wire), costume design. Recently I’ve found designing and creating wearable art is a wonderful opportunity to play with textiles, ethnic and current. Contemporary forms of kimono are my canvas.

A bit further afield, I've been an award winning jeweler and photographer. And further out still, I've participated in space planning and architectural design and building.

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