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The Artist Hines

Novato, CA

The Artist Hines was born in Queens, New York in 1956. Hines is a full time artist who began as a pencil artist producing meticulous figurative and surrealistic renderings on paper. While living in Atlanta Georgia 1994 Hines began exploring oil, creating figurative and erotic surrealistic oil paintings. In 2000 Hines’ interests switched from realism to abstraction and he began studying artists from the New York school of abstract expressionism particularly Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman and Franz Kline. For the next twelve years he devoted himself almost exclusively to his new style of Intuitive Abstract painting. In 2012 Hines returned to representational painting with his new Totem/Film Strip series. These new works are produced on elongated canvases incorporating interesting but incongruous images together on the same picture plane subdivided by a horizontal or vertical line suggesting an element of both time and allegory. His new narrative paintings express his feelings and opinion on the natural beauty of all women and their struggles. Hines moved to the San Francisco Bay area in 2003 and lives in Sausalito with his wife and son. He participates in numerous art shows and festivals, and performs paintings demonstrations. He teaches privately and hosts a weekly class, Mastering Acrylic Painting at Riley Street Art supplies in San Rafael.

The Artist Hines is a full time artist and instructor living in Sausalito Ca. Hines is an eclectic talent artists who paints abstracts, figurative, surrealism and portraits. Hines teaches a weekly Mastering Acrylic Painting class, and teaches drawing at San Quentin through the William James Association. He also produces drawing, collages and is beginning to produce stone sculpture. Hines' outside hobbies are guitar, movies and philosophy .

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