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Millicent Tomkins

Mill Valley, CA

Six children’s art scholarships to the SF Museum of Art (Art Institute), Masters of Art Degree at U.C. Berkeley. In 2012: Voices of Music presented “The Art and Artistry of Millicent Tomkins” in SF, received First Prize, Fine Art, Marin County Annual Fair, San Rafael, Ca., Honorable Mention, National Juried Exhibition, Palm Springs Desert Museum, Individual Artist Grant in Painting, Marin County, Ca, Gold Discovery Award for Traditional Painting, (Art of California Magazine). Life Time Achievement in the Arts, Mill Valley, Ca. Completed six Harpsichord Lids (7.5’) adapted from Van Ruisdael, Cuyp, Breughel, Vernet, and de Hondercoerter (17c. Dutch). Sketches and photographs from nature that sometimes include “Visual Quotations” from the Great Masters as well as “Literary Quotations”. I have a studio in Moab, Utah (where my family has had a music festival for 22 years), as well as in Mill Valley, CA.

I have painted since I was nine years old when I copied a book cover of “Heidi” which won the first of six successive children's art scholarships to the San Francisco Museum of Art (now the Art Institute). At the same time I was trained as a pianist and soprano. I earned a Masters of Art Degree at U.C. Berkeley.
Having explored various series of paintings over the years, I presently work in a Magic Realist style. I take photographs from nature and often use photographic techniques for highly detailed under-painting and superimpose oil paint.

My work is in ink and oil on wood panels, or canvas for the larger motifs.
I do faux surfaces such as marble, walnut, burled wood and crackalure. I sometimes include “Visual Quotations” from the Great Masters or “Literary Quotations” (in borders inspired by Edward Hicks, 18c Amer.).
I have quoted from the poetry in my former vocal repertoire, as well as historic and modern poets.

I have studios in Mill Valley, California and Moab, Utah, where my family produces the Moab Music Festival each year.

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