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Shoshana Parry

Fairfax, CA

My current body of work is based on ancient African tools. While I'm not recreating these tools, I take their shapes and make them into three dimensional forms. Spades, hoes, digging sticks, knives and mirrors all become vessels. They're finished mostly with sand, clay, ash and minerals giving them a patina of time. I chose African tools because I feel deeply affected by the continuing poaching and devastation of the African elephant population. Half the proceeds from the sale of these pieces will go to elephant conservation groups.

I received my BFA in sculpture from The San Francisco Art Institute. Being curious about many things, I then proceeded to pursue other interests for the next 15 years. Sometime around then I fell in love with clay and started making so much work I had to buy a kiln. I've never looked back, and what you see on this site is the result of my hard work and continued love of material and nature. You can contact me at, or follow on Facebook and Instagram at Shoshana Parry Ceramics.

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