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Patti Mazzoleni Titman

Novato, CA

�We must not imitate the externals of nature with so much fidelity that the picture fails to evoke that wonderful teasing recurrence of emotion that marks the contemplation of a work of art.� - John F. Carlson

A fourth generation Marin resident, I have been influenced by the rolling oak covered hills - golden ochre in the summer and green in the winter and spring, the farm animals, and the cool foggy clouds that drift inland and cover the hills in silver/grey mist and also by my aunt who introduced me to the world of art. Visiting her studio and seeing the wonderful paintings and taking in the seductive smell of linseed oil and turp. From that time onward always painting, always learning from many local artists, always trying to put onto canvas the colors and images that surround me and bring peace and beauty to the soul.

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