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Dorallen Davis

Novato, CA - California

Painting, for me, is not a choice but rather a way of life. My path has led me to know that seeing, and then translating what I see, is the real “truth” in my painting. I want to capture the moment, the atmosphere, the wind and what it is that takes my breath away when I experience that first glimmer of light on the landscape with my first glance. Water next to land, especially attracts that “first” love of sight… but it is all beautiful and, I am especially grateful to live here, surrounded by all we see. What I truly love is to paint from life…. whether that be landscape (en plain air) or the figure/portrait in the studio or in natural light. Being born and raised in Marin County has left an indelible impression on me that remain always in my mind’s eye. All of the elements of nature, as well as man’s imprint, converge in the San Francisco Bay Area and inspire a never-ending source of beauty that takes me near and far away. 2016 Marin County Fair announces "The Dorallen Davis Award" will be presented to the "Best of Show for Plein Air Landscape Event" winner. 2016 One woman Show - The Depot Bookstore & Cafe, Mill Valley CA 2016 Three Woman Show – Madrigal Gallery, Sausalito CA 2016 Falkirk Cultural Center 2015 4 person show - Colorist of Northern California, Bolinas Gallery, Bolinas, CA 2015 One woman show - The Depot Bookstore & Cafe, Mill Valley, CA 2015 4 person show - Colorist of Northern California, Bolinas Gallery, Bolinas, CA 2015 UGallery - juried into their on-line gallery 2014 UGallery - juried into their on-line gallery 2014 Harvest Festival & Market - Sausalito Women' Club 2014 One Woman Show - Artworks Downtown 2014 Artisans! A group show Visit for more details...

Dorallen Davis is an impressionist landscape/figurative painter based in Marin County, California. She is also the Director and owner of the renowned Marin Art School, a colorist/impressionist school. Dorallen is a founding member of Colorists of Northern California

Dorallen is well-known for her plein air paintings in the "colorist" tradition. Her paintings are exhibited in fine art galleries all around Northern California. Dorallen and Marin Art School also host (locally as well as globally) artist workshops and have facilitated other workshops with accomplished painters such as Manuel Neri, Cedric & Joenette Egeli and Jove Wang.

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