Barbara Andino- Stevenson Profile Photo

Barbara Andino- Stevenson

San Rafael, CA

BARBARA ANDINO-STEVENSON My rich internal life longs to find a form in which it can be seen, felt and touched. A sculptural alchemist, I work with natural materials—clay, bark, and stones, enjoying a magical collaboration with these elements. Magic happens when I allow myself to enter the quiet flow where only clay, my eyes, and the skill in my hands reveal the visible from the invisible.

Barbara Andino-Stevenson has had a love affair with clay for over 40 years. Her pieces are all hand-built with rich surface textures. She likes a surface that implies a history similar to a rock in a stream that’s weathered and changed polished and scratched gy the elements. Her textured surfaces evoke this history.

She uses the technique of burnishing (compressing the clay by rubbing with a smooth object) to create the parts of her pieces that have shiny surfaces. Barbara believes in the power of intention and that stones have healing powers. Clay has memory. Burnishing with semi-precious stones infuses the clay with the healing properties of the stones. Her evocative pieces--spirit bowls, masks, sculptures--embody both beauty and loving intention.

Ms. Andino-Stevenson earned her Master’s degree in Fine Arts with Ceramics emphasis from San Francisco State University. She has been a practicing artist since then, simultaneously creating, directing, and teaching clay programs. She’s passionate
about both clay and teaching.

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