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Douglas S. Andelin

Larkspur, CA

Artist statement Painting is a place where I go to be small. To be an observer of forces much greater than myself& to be humbled by the experience of my greatest teacher- nature. For this reason I work directly from life. I ask questions about perception, time, space and myself as an artist. Standing alone, I strive to look outside myself & listen. I want to shed what I know & reach into the paint & grasp a new honesty. I am in a constant balancing act between searching & forgetting; asking & listening: conscious & unconscious. This current body of work continues to push the boundaries of paint and its potential for figurative content and not just the boundaries of illusion. I draw inspiration from an abstract puzzle of shapes, silence, breath and the constant unfolding of beauty & humanity within every subject. I see not just through the lens of form making but also through the lens of pattern -creating Pieces of light, shadow and intensity merging into one. Thank you, Douglas Andelin

24/7 PAINTER AND SCULPTOR. My job is to illuminate the beautiful and the stupid.
Thanks for watching, Douglas

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