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June Karen Yokell

San Anselmo, CA

What Iím doing with my art right now: Iím working on paintings about water in California, they include: dams, reservoirs, bays, lakes, aqueducts, creeks, rivers, marshes, sloughs, salt flats, puddles, anything that has to do with water or lack thereof. Why I make oil paintings: I love the essential beauty of oil paint, its luscious viscosity, its ability to be used transparently or opaquely. While I primarily use oils in an opaque fashion, the opportunity to use the transparent/opaque paradigm is always available to me. I love being in and being part of nature and I feel that I am able to ingest nature, and then am able to bring back to the viewer the essence of that particular experience was, making that moment both specific and universal, or at least, that is my heartís desire. How I came to be making paintings: Iím currently working on paintings of California Landscapes creating particular moment in paint of beauty and loss. Land, sky, and water have preoccupied me for as long as I can remember giving me a visual and physical object where I can relax and escape and be left alone. Some of the artists who have influenced my work are, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gough, Milton Avery, Marsden Hartley, Willa Cather, William Faulkner and a variety of Chinese, Japanese and Korean landscape artists. The practice of early Asian poet/philosophy/artist scholars, of taking in the landscape, being with it, is something that I attempt to maintain while working in the studio despite the fact that my own working practice is primarily using images that I take on my cell phone and print out on inexpensive printing paper and then using those images for my source material. What I hope to achieve is being able to express my non-verbal experiences with the conjuncture of the physical world, coming up with something that is vibrant, alive, and mysterious.

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