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Karen Meadows

San Rafael, CA

My attraction to patterns and layering imagery is a source of intrigue for me; it has a life of its own. My initial idea is usually related to the patterns within nature, human or wild. The process I use gives my intuition an open door, as control escapes me. Painting with wax is a sensual process, sharing with the natural world a beauty, which hauntingly expresses the passage of time. Scraping through the layers reveals hidden patterns and surprises that relate to human nature as well as our social world. My work is about process, searching for that particular magnificence that is the arc of my life.

Karen Meadows has a rich history in the art world. She was born in Northern California, and raised by an artistic mother who allowed chaos and encouraged art making from a young age. She was surrounded by nature spending hours roaming the hills on her horse. The natural world has been a strong influence in her art making.
Karen received her M.F.A. from California College of the Arts, and upon graduation was accepted into the Lausanne Biennale and her 10� x 14� fiber wall piece was selected to travel to various museums across Europe.
She was selected as Artist in Residence in San Francisco to make art for public buildings using industrial discards. (SCRAP) In addition to art making, Karen has established herself as a valued educator, creating innovative art programs at Redwood High School. She is passionate about guiding students through the creative process and has written extensively on the subject.

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