Mary Serphos Profile Photo

Mary Serphos

Fairfax, CA

Mary crafts evocative and dreamy Images that Speak to the Soul. Mary’s work is a mirror of her love of nature, travel, and all the deeply touching and beautiful moments that make up this thing called life. Mary started taking photos as a child, inspired by her father’s devout love of photography. In 1998, on a trip to Thailand, she used her first digital SLR camera and was hooked. Making the move to digital from film filmed proved to be a long slow process but now most of her shots are taken with an iPhone and manipulated with creative image Apps on her phone. Please check out Mary’s Instagram gallery under “maryserphos” for a comprehensive look at over 5,000 of her images. “The difference between the casual impression and the intensified image is about as great as that separating the average business letter from a poem. If you choose your subject selectively -intuitively- the camera can write poetry.” -Harry Callahan

This artist does not have any artwork added. Check back soon.