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Eustorgia Sol Navarrete

Greenbrae, CA

I started painting when I was getting my degree from Instituto Nacional de Bella's Artes in 1994 in Fine Arts. I have continued my studies under the tutelage of Chester Arnold a well known Bay Area artist. My work contains iconography from my indigenous Oaxaca culture, it's vibrant colors and patterns. It also shows my beliefs in the regenerative power of women as seen in the depiction of flowers, plants, and trees springing up From the life force, painted in surrealistic Style. I'm trying to express and share my passion for my culture which is life affirming and for the natural ability for women and nature to procreate.

My name is Eustorgia Sol Navarrete and I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. At the age of 7 I would gaze at the stars and dream of a bigger life that was different from the one I had. At that time I moved to Mexico City to live with my grandparents and although no one in my family encouraged me to pursue Art, my passion blossomed there. Exposure to artists like Rufino Tamayo, Frida Kahlo and Remedios Varo further inspired my painting style.

When I moved to the United States I worked for Isabel Allende and she asked me "what would you like to create for your life here". I told her I wanted to be artist and the next day she gave me paint brushes and said "Here, start painting". Over the years my work evolved into self-portraits in a surrealistic style with bright colors and flowers.

These paintings reflect my desire to alter myself and my environment.


Eustorgia Navarrete


Eustorgia Navarrete

Thinking of You

Eustorgia Navarrete

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Eustorgia Navarrete


Eustorgia Navarrete