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Terry Ow-Wing,

Strawberry Mill Valley, CA

I love light and its play on color, volume, space, and texture. My background as an Architect augmented with experiences in glass blowing and photography allow me the privilege of playful manipulation between glass and light. I predominately work with transparent glass with dichroic accents. My pieces are best viewed at many angles allowing both dynamic and subtle color changes. This dance of color and light will bring joy to our eyes and heart. Currently the evolution of my work has led me to explore two intrinsic views of myself. One is the very contemporary design aspect depicted by bright colors and the other is the composition of earthly tones that explores my Asian-American heritage. About the work: I personally design and fabricate all my work. Each piece highlights characteristics unique to glass such as reflecting and refracting light and colors. I typically use Dichroic, iridized, opaque and translucent glass. Which when combined create fascinating light patterns. As part of the design process I hand pick all glass to ensure quality. After I cut the major pieces of glass, I incorporate individual glass elements by using a oxygen-propane torch. By using the torch I am able to create free flowing lines of glass. My pieces are best viewed at many angles allowing both dynamic and subtle color changes Once the composition is finalized the work is placed in a kiln to be fired for 12 to 14 hours, fusing the glass into a flat shape. Some pieces employ multiple kiln firings to achieve the desired design. Most pieces are returned to the kiln over a mold and allowed to slump into the final shape. When the kiln process is complete, the art piece is then cleaned and signed. Ideas for artwork are derived from my design background in Architecture, Photography and Glass blowing. The emphasis is on individual design and not mass production. Virtually all my creations are one of the kinds. Currently my works of art can be purchased at select Art venues in the San Francisco Bay area. I am also available to teach classes on Lampworking for Fusing.

I am an Architect turn Glass artist. I love the movement of light properties of glass. I create art pieces from size of small jewelry to large 20" platters and abstract portraits. My best know works are my portraits.
Education: A.B. w/ honors Architecture - 1978
University of California, Berkeley

Masters of Architecture - 1983
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Membership: Association of Clay and Glass Artists in California
Exhibiting member
Society of Glass Bead Artist –Northern California
International Society of Glass Bead Artist

Job Title: Owner, Designer, Artist everything in glass!

Publications: "Contemporary Warm Glass" by Brad Walker, 2000
5 published pieces

Awards: October 2001 - Bullseye Warm Glass International Competition Finalist
March 2006 – Aanraku 2nd place winner – Wine Bottle stopper contest

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