Hwei-Li Tsao Profile Photo

Hwei-Li Tsao

San Anselmo, CA

My work emerges from duality in my own cultural identity: East/west; traditional/contemporary; depth/broadness; artisan/technologist; creator/consumer. I am fascinated by looking deep into objects with their environment and questioning of, �How to transform objects from what they look to what they mean to my life?� I set my gaze upon polyvinyl since it is an integral part of contemporary life. Its transparency, reflectivity and durability, as well as ever-lasting, are sublime qualities that have inspired my work. For instance, I investigate bottles from a viewpoint of consumption and their function as vessels that withhold nourishment. I am interested in the dynamic of push and pull, either consciously or subconsciously, using the juxtaposition of the objects and their symbolic meanings. This is the duality that is engrained in me. I use both oil and water-soluble media for my work. The surface varies from wood panel, canvas, to synthetic paper. In some cases, I first constructed polyvinyl garments for inspiration and reference. I repurposed the imageries until they could stand alone as good subject matters. After that, I began painting.

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