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Susan Searway-Fertig

  • 1337 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA
  • Studio #32

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New Art Merchandise

Unboxing time…

First a reminder that my Art Studio is now open to the public!!! I am trying to be in the studio space most Thursday and Friday afternoons with some Saturdays here and there. Feel free to email or DM if you want to make sure I am there. Art Works Downtown is open from 1-8pm Thursdays-Sundays.


Secondly I just got some new art prints, limited editions, and some art merchandise: coasters, acrylic tray, etc. in the mail so I thought I would do a live unboxing today to see what I got. Let’s go.


So reminder I am in the studio today Thursday from 1-5 or 6pm. So please stop on by and look at some art for inspiration. I would love to see you. ⁣ 


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"Everything in nature has its own personality.”

Artist Robert Bateman

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