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Susan Searway-Fertig

  • 1337 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA
  • Studio #32

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Art Works Downtown

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Studio #32

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Enter AWD on Fourth Street through AWD Gallery 1337. Enter the artist studio hallway in the back of Gallery 1337. Walk straight to the back of the hallway and I am the second to the last studio on the right. Studio #32.

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The art side of my business is my passion—producing, exhibiting, and selling my artwork. I am what you call a true Fine Artist, which means I work in a variety of media. Currently I work in digital art, watercolor, photography, drawing, and painting but I am always open to new techniques to convey my thoughts and feelings.

I look for stability in an unstable society. Based on this concept I have created my figurative series: PersonaPersona is a personal reflection that focuses on the harmony of the body and the soul: the physical versus the spiritual, represented sometimes as one, sometimes as individuals. I try to blend the idealism of the human form in combination and contrast with the variety of people – people seen through the lens of reality varying in shape, size, and form. I like to use a lot of color, movement, and spontaneity in my compositions.

As for photography I am a shutterbug. I will shoot anything and everything to find a composition. I mostly concentrate my work on nature. The most wonderful thing about working with nature as your subject matter is that it is ever changing. Artist Robert Bateman states it best, “Everything in nature has its own personality.” You can never capture or see the same composition twice. There are always little nuances of change. When you take photographs or observe wildlife, they almost never stay in that “perfect” composition you envision. Therefore, you have to do a lot of improvisation and creativity to get the composition you desire.

Whether I am working in photography or on a two-dimensional plane I try to capture the essence of my subject by focusing on their lines, patterns, textures, forms, colors, and shapes. My hope is to find a unique perspective in all my work.

The design side of my company provides Marketing Materials as Fine Art through graphic design, website design, and social media strategy. Whether you need marketing materials for print, email campaign, social media posts, or a website, I do it all. I find the field very gratifying and challenging to create new compositions every day for my clients.

As for exhibiting my art, I love to share it with the community, and I am always looking for opportunities to hang, show and sell my work. Producing art is what makes me happy, so I try to focus as much time as I can on doing just that. In 2021 I also started participating in outdoor art festivals.  I look forward to continuing to share my work with the public.  I am excited and honored to have studio #32 at Art Works Downtown, so please stop in whenever I am there.


UPCOMING OPEN STUDIOS | ART FESTIVALS – Marin Open Studios, San Rafael, CA May 2023 – Novato Festival of Art, Wine & Music 2023, Novato, CA, June 10 & 11, 2023 – Alameda Art & Wine Faire 2023, Alameda, CA, July 29 & 30, 2023 – Lafayette of Art & Wine Festival 2023, Lafayette, CA, September 23 & 24, 2023 OPEN STUDIOS | ART FESTIVALS – Lafayette of Art & Wine Festival 2022, Lafayette, CA, September 17 & 18, 2022 – Healdsburg Arts Festival 2022, Healdsburg, CA, August 26, 27, & 28, 2022 – Petaluma Art & Garden Festival 2022, Petaluma, CA, July 10, 2022 – Novato Festival of Art, Wine & Music 2022, Novato, CA, June 18 & 19, 2022 – Marin Open Studios, San Rafael, CA May 2022 – Novato Festival of Art, Wine, & Music, Novato, CA, August 21 & 22, 2021 – Novato Art Stroll 2021, Novato, CA, June 26 & 27, 2021 – San Rafael Arts & Crafts Festival, San Rafael, CA, November 29, 2020 – Summer Sidewalk Sale, San Rafael, CA, August 18, 2018 – Marin Open Studios, San Rafael, CA May 2012 – Marin Art Council Open Studios, San Rafael, CA May 2011 – Marin Arts Council Open Studios, San Rafael, CA May 1 & 2,8 & 9, 2010 – Marin Art Council Open Studios, San Rafael, CA May 9-10, 2009. – San Rafael Food & Wine Festival, Art Booth #53, San Rafael, CA August 16, 2008. MEMBERSHIP – Art Works Downtown Member, Studio #32, since 2020-Present – Marin Professional Women Network Member, Graphic Design, Website Design, Social Media Marketing since 2012–Present – Art Store Fronts Member, 2020-Present – Art Works Downtown Member, Studio #18, since 2012–2020. – Art Works Downtown Member, Studio #24, since 2008-2012. – Marin Professional Women Network Member, Website Designer, 2008-2012

Art Medium(s)

Oil Paint, Watercolor, Drawing, Digital Art, Photography, Mixed Media

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2nd Friday Art Walk      Marin Open Studios   2nd Friday Art Walk      Marin Open Studios   Marin Open Studios

2nd Friday Art Walk

Art Works Downtown, 1337 4th St., Studio #32, San Rafael, CA 94901
2nd Fridays 5-8pm: 2/10, 3/10, 4/14, 5/12, 6/9, 7/14, 8/11, 9/8, 10/13, 11/10, 12/8
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Marin Open Studios 2024
Art Works Downtown, 1337 4th St., Studio #32, San Rafael, CA 94901
May 11 & 12, 2024
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Novato Festival of Art, Wine & Music 2024
Downtown Novato | Grant Street
June 8 & 9, 2024

Alameda Art & Wine Faire 2024
Downtown Alameda | Park Street & Central Ave.
July 27 & 28, 2024

Lafayette Art & Wine Festival 2024
Downtown Lafayette
September 21 & 22, 2024


Highlights Below: View complete resume at

– Capturing Movement, Solo Exhibition
Thompson/Dorfman Invitational,  Mill Valley, CA, 2023

– Gotta Dance, Solo Exhibition
Stapleton School of the Performing Arts,  San Anselmo, CA, 2023

– The Small Works Exhibit, Group Exhibition
Art Works Downtown, Gallery 1337, San Rafael, CA, 2022-2022

– Cornucopia – AWD Member’s Exhibition 2022, Group Exhibition
Art Works Downtown, 1325 Donors’ Gallery, San Rafael, CA, 2022-2023

– Let’s Move – Artwork inspired by Nature + Dance, Solo Exhibition
ThriVia Chiropractic and Natural Health,  Artist Gallery Wall, San Rafael, CA, 2022

– AWD Member’s Exhibition 2021, Group Exhibition
Art Works Downtown, Underground Gallery, San Rafael, CA, 2021-2022

– The Essential Figure, Group Exhibition
The Bothwell Arts Center, Livermore, CA, 2021

– A Grapevine’s Persona, Solo Exhibition
Art Works Downtown, Artist Wall, San Rafael, CA, 2017

– Bacchus and Venus, Group Exhibition
Wine Tasting and Art Gallery, Sausalito, CA, 2016

– Form Revealed: Barbara Andino-Stevenson, Nini Lion, & Susan Searway-Fertig
Dominican University of California, Science Building, San Rafael, CA, 2014-2015

– Persona: A Figurative Study, Solo Exhibition
A Woman’s Eye Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2009

– Persona: A Digital Series, Solo Exhibition
City Café, San Rafael, CA 2008

– Persona: Soul, Enthusiasm, & Oneness, Solo Exhibition
Sonoma Academy of Dance & Arts, Sonoma, CA, 2008-2013

– Affinity: Art & Science II  Group Exhibition
Dominican University of California, Science Building, San Rafael, CA, 2008

– Persona: Individual Unity, Solo Exhibition
Dominican University of California, Human Resources in Bertrand Hall, San Rafael, CA, 2008

– Affinity: Art & Science | Grand Opening for Science Building, Group Exhibition
Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA, 2007-2008

– Persona: A Digital Art Series, Solo Exhibition
Bay Model Visitor Center, Sausalito, CA 2005

  • – Dominican University of California Alumni Profiles: Susan Searway-Fertig, June 2016, Article in Alumni Newsletter and Website:
  • – Susan Searway article, Artist Culture, Digital Publication,  Pages 64–67, August 2013
  • – Persona – Profile Green Figure Study (Watercolor) Featured in The Pacific Sun, November 21-27, 2008 edition for Small Works Exhibit, pages 44.
  • – Illusions of Reality (ISBN: 0-7951-5302-3) Printed by The International Library of Photography, 2007, pages 185 & 226 (Featuring Photograph Presence).
  • – National Conference on Undergraduate Research. San Rafael, CA: Dominican University of California, 2006 (Cover Images, Quote, & Abstract).
  • – NCUR 2004 18th National Conference on Undergraduate Research Abstract Book, Indianapolis, IN: Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, 2004, page 146.
  • – Text Transformation: A Look at Illuminated Manuscript. San Rafael, CA; Dominican University of California, 2004.
  • – Persona. San Rafael, CA; Dominican University of California, 2004.
  • – Images of Africa. San Rafael, CA; Dominican University of California, 2002.
  • – Second Place Computer Generated Art for Individuality (Digital Art) Juried Fine Arts and Crafts Exhibition Marin County Fair, San Rafael, CA 2006.
  • – 2006 Editor’s Choice Award for Presence (Photography)
    The International Library of Photography (, 2006.



Bachelor of Fine Arts emphasis in Digital Art, 2004
Dominican University of California


Bachelor of Arts in Art History, 2004
Dominican University of California


New Art Merchandise

Unboxing time…

First a reminder that my Art Studio is now open to the public!!! I am trying to be in the studio space most Thursday and Friday afternoons with some Saturdays here and there. Feel free to email or DM if you want to make sure I am there. Art Works Downtown is open from 1-8pm Thursdays-Sundays.


Secondly I just got some new art prints, limited editions, and some art merchandise: coasters, acrylic tray, etc. in the mail so I thought I would do a live unboxing today to see what I got. Let’s go.


So reminder I am in the studio today Thursday from 1-5 or 6pm. So please stop on by and look at some art for inspiration. I would love to see you. ⁣ 


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"Everything in nature has its own personality.”

Artist Robert Bateman

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