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Patti Mazzoleni Titman

  • 1515 3rd Street, San Rafael, CA 94901

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‹”A work of art is the candid, and often unconscious expression of the personality of the artist who created it.”

Paint what you know.  Paint what attracts your eye.  Paint what you appreciate.


Patti is a fourth generation Marin resident.  Coming from a long line of ranchers in West Marin and Sonoma County, she truly appreciates the distinct beauty of the local hills and valleys. Born and raised in Northern California, the landscape of the county is ingrained in her soul.  Visiting her aunt’s art studio as a child, the smell of the paints and the pure colors of the pigments encouraged Patti to investigate oil painting.  Later, she studied art at College of Marin and under local and international artists. Starting with the colorist method, her art has evolved into her own style and sense of color, and she continues her education in the world of art with local and international artists.  Patti is a member of Marin Open Studios, a California Studio and Plein Air Artist.

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Oil Paint

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Marin Society of Artists

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(415) 246-7055


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