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Mark Jaeger

  • 120 Esmeyer Drive, San Rafael CA, 94903

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Mark Jaeger is a bay area fine artist working primarily in clay.
His artwork developed while studying ceramics at UCDavis and
continues to evolve while teaching and creating in Marin County. Markƒ??s work is exhibited and collected both regionally and internationally.
Mark welcomes interested parties to contact him directly
regarding purchasing available work, exhibition opportunities,
commissions, and any other requests related to his artwork.


ƒ??My sculptural work explores the human condition through concepts of personal and social identity. Iƒ??m interested in how we project ourselves, our culture, our history, our purpose, our moralityƒ?? and how that projection is both perceived and interpreted by society and by our own selves. What is indeed our true self, our true intention, our identityƒ?? and what is an image, a fabrication, or fa??ade manufactured for social purpose? If we can pause and consider our identity we may in fact peal through the layers of what divides or unites us: what we inherit, what we choose, and what has been forced upon us.ƒ?
Mark Jaeger 2016
ƒ??I make pottery in order to share my work and my relationship with clay with others. Pottery provides a truly intimate and unique connection between people and the earth. As an artist Iƒ??m humbled to serve as a maker of vessels which go on to fulfill a useful purpose in the daily rituals of peopleƒ??s lives.
I often incorporate native clay in my artwork. This gives the work a deep sense of place and connects me directly to this land. Each piece of clay is a mediation on life, the cycles, the journeys, the passages of time both great & small. It is truly humbling to reflect on the intertwined nature of clay, art & life.
I’m so grateful and blessed to be in this place, making art with this material, and sharing time with so many truly wonderful people.ƒ?
Mark Jaeger 2020

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Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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