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Dianne Admire

  • 14 Curtis Ave, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA

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Voyage to a bright feel-good universe in Dianne Admire’s high-energy collage paintings.

In my abstract collage work I explore big questions like “Our Origins” to everyday concepts like “Office Life”. The most common comment I hear about my work is “It makes me happy!”

I create my work by balancing form and bold color to create dynamic compositions with layers of texture using paint, ink, and intentionally scavenged materials. It’s textural, one-of a kind, and a full-body experience!

My studio is a true home studio, located in my garage. During the Open Studios weekend, every wall and nook and cranny of the space will be full of artwork ranging in price from $10 – $1000.  Hanging out and exploring is encouraged! Come to my studio for a retinal blast, and stay for the fun!

Instagram @dianneadmire


Dianne is an emerging Marin County artist who has been creating her work and developing her style for the last 3 years. She has worked out of her both her home studio in Marin County and a group studio in Sydney Australia.

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