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Deborah Harnett

  • 1505 Tiburon Blvd, Belvedere Tiburon, CA 94920, USA

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Tiburon Town Hall

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Cinnabar Paintings capture the Feng Shui energy of the Universe in every brush stroke and each pigment of paint placed with channeled divine intelligence on the canvas.

Our naked eye cannot see the multiple layers of applied energy behind each work of art. This is created by carefully choosing exact combinations of colors and symbols, painted in significant locations on the canvas layer by layer, with intention, beneath the final painting. Often there are three or more painting beneath the surface. These creations are powerful force that move and harness a concentrated vibrant Feng Shui energy. This energy balances, clears and brings harmony and happiness.

Cinnabar paintings have the ability to lift the chi in a room and hold the vibrational intention created to bring forward what one desires in their life.

As you meet each Feng Shui painting listen carefully and hear what they have to say to you. They are speaking to you.


Deborah’s introduction to Feng Shui was in 1993 when her 50 person design firm based in Philadelphia was designing an American firm’s Asian-Pacific headquarters in Tokyo. Six months later, she was hired to design a second headquarters in Hong Kong. Deborah experienced the power of Feng Shui first hand which lead her to study intensely for three years and receive her Master degree in Feng Shui. She was the first of 13 to be certified with Grand master Professor Lin Yun in the United States. Since then she lives and breaths and paints Feng Shui! To Deborah Feng Shui is a way of life and a gift. Her second company Cinnabar Design is international and supports businesses, developers and many life science companies. Her residential work is personal and healing for all in the family. Deborah loves to paint and creates art that supports the individual or the cooperation. After more than 22 years of practicing she is a very qualified Feng Shui Master. Her work incorporates her paintings with her design work and often is commissioned by clients to create painting for for their businesses and homes.

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Acrylic Paint

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