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Tina Kleinjan Setzer

sausalito, California

The art that I create is inspired by what I see and an accumulation of my experiences, ideas, interests and the things I find humorous or intriguing. I am inspired by the life and style in California, pop culture, fashion, architecture and eclectic, off-beat prose. My early roots in advertising and being a founder of an outdoor advertising company have led me to love and lean toward creating either abstract , mixed media pieces or “statement” art that combines words, images

I am in a "jumping in" or "re-entry" into my career as an artist. I painted in my early years but spent most of my career in advertising owning the largest privately held outdoor advertising company in San Francisco. I work mostly in acrylic and mixed media including resin. I have 3 school aged children so I now juggle raising the while creating art.

I now share a small studio at the ICB with Mari Aaronsouth and am looking forward to becoming more involved with the art community.

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