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Sandi Miot

Novato, CA

I create in my studio almost every day, working mostly with wax, but veering off occasionally to work with acrylics, oils, cold wax, pen and ink, and other materials. I am particularly fascinated with the materials with which I work, experimenting and arranging them into a reflection of my feelings about the world around me. I live in a perpetual state of barely-controlled disorder, of which my work quite often reflects attempts at making order out of that chaos.

Originally from Washington, D.C., I spent almost 30 years living in Miami, before migrating to California in 1998. My studio is located at the Novato Arts Center at Hamilton Field where the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art is also located. My work is known and collected both nationally and internationally and has appeared on the sets of popular TV shows such as Friends, ER, and CSI: Miami. I have studied and worked extensively in a variety of mediums, from clay and glass to oil, pastels, and watercolor, but I especially love the ancient mediums such as encaustic and gold leaf.

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